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Why Choose a Gas Fireplace?

Posted by Chris Howe on


Ease, Ease, and Did I Say Ease?

Sure wood-burning fireplaces have the classic crackling or popping wood sound and smell that remind you of your experiences at grandma’s house during the cold season. But in today’s convenient hungry society, you can’t beat the easy, no-fuss, handiness of gas. Gone are the days of lame blue flamed log sets that hardly resemble a real fire. Technology and advancements in the fireplace industry have brought both the look of a real fire and cost-saving heat efficiency.

8 Reasons to Choose Gas 

  1. Save your back. You don't have to split, stack, haul, and most importantly, season logs.

  1. Gas fireplaces produce absolutely no ashes or smoky smells that settle in your expensive drapery and linens. 

  1. Access to the fireplace is at the ease of a switch or button. Most recent fireplaces can be turned on with the touch of a remote control. 

  1. Gas fireplaces are constant and safe. The fire needs no tending and won’t snuff out from neglect.

  1. A wall thermostat can safely control the heat radiated into your room. Just like a furnace, it can typically room unattended. (Make sure the thermostat always has proper power).

  1. The heat from your house won’t escape through a gaping hole. With the exception of gas logs, most gas fireplaces have a glass panel and tight venting system that will prevent heat from escaping your house like wood fireplaces.

  2.  Gas fireplace typically boast 75 to 99 percent of a fuel's energy back as heat. Wood fires may only produce 10 to 30 percent efficiency.

  1. Gas fireplaces are installable just about anywhere. No need for a robust chimney with the simplicity of direct vent fireplaces. 

What to do.

Wood burners can typically be converted to a high efficient unit such as an insert gas fireplace. These units are extremely efficient and can often times heat up to 2000 sqft with minimal gas usage. The other option is converting the wood burner to a gas log unit. Gas logs are aesthetic fireplaces and bear a large flame, however, these fireplace types will only heat smaller rooms. For new installations, direct vent fireplaces are the way to go. For more information, click on this link to look at our affordable fireplace options

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