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How to Clean Fireplace Glass

Posted by Chris Howe on


Preventative Maintenance 

Was the glass front on your fireplace once clear but now smoked with a pasty white or black substance? This is a good indicator that your fireplace glass needs to be cleaned and immediately. Any fireplace technician will tell you to clean your glass every year. But what you may not know is this; that smoky substance can stain your glass. If not cleaned off, your beautiful fireplace front will be forever fogged with cloudy creosote and mineral deposits.

Fireplaces naturally produce carbon byproduct that deposits itself on the logs, inside of the firebox, and the glass. This powdery substance builds up over time and stains the tempered glass. Here are some easy steps to keep your fireplace glass crystal clear.


Step 1: Soft Scrub is the Best

Rutland White Off is possibly one of the best products against cloudy fireplace glass. If you don’t own White Off, Sandhill Stove Bright, or any other glass cooktop cleaner for cooking stoves should do. Make sure the cleaner is useable for glass. These type of soft scrubs are a non abrasive solution and can be used with a rag. Spread a generous amount of White Off on the inside fireplace glass panel and use some elbow grease. For heavily soiled glass panels you may have to repeat this step a few times. Rub the solution into the glass and use a mildly wet rag to clean off any residue.


Step 2: Polish with Some Glass Cleaner

Now its time to make the glass shine with some household glass cleaner. Glass cleaner made from ammonia or vinegar should do as well. Generously spray the glass and rub and rub until that glass is clean and clear. If your glass is still cloudy, it is likely some of the creosote has permanently etched into the glass. All that can be done in those situations is preventative maintenance to prevent the glass from worsening.


The most important thing to remember is diligence. Cleaning your fireplace glass every year at the end of the season is a general rule to follow. If you follow these instructions, your fireplace glass will remain clean and clear for many years of enjoyment.

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