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How to Get Your Fireplace Serviced and Cleaned

Posted by Chris Howe on

How to hire a fireplace technician


How Often Should I Have My Fireplace Serviced?

Most people overlook the need to have a fireplace serviced. A fireplace is an appliance just like anything else; it needs to be serviced. A general rule of thumb is every other year. Your fireplace accrues dust and develops creosote, which builds up in the pilot light, logs, and the glass. Creosote on the glass should not be neglected. Over time creosote gets baked into the glass leaving your beautiful glass with a milky white stain. Even though you may not use your fireplace on the regular, it could have a gas leak that needs attention as well. Having your fireplace serviced every other year will keep it clean and in proper working condition.


What Should Be Included in My Service Call?

Every fireplace technician is different and therefore has a different list of routine maintenance tasks. However, here is a list of things that every service call should include. Before hiring a fireplace technician, verify that he or she will do these things:

  1. Clean the Glass

The glass needs to be cleaned every service call. Cleaning the glass will remove any unwanted creosote buildup and keep your glass sparkling.

  1. Vacuum the Fireplace

Not every technician carries a vacuum with him or her. However, when you call to hire your technician, ask if they vacuum the fireplace as a part of the service. This is important to remove any buildup, dust, and pesky bugs.

  1. Clean the Pilot Orifice

The pilot orifice is an extremely small opening in the pilot head that limits the amount of gas released. This orifice can become easily clogged with debris. This is the number one cause of an improperly working fireplace. It is pertinent that your fireplace technician cleans the pilot orifice as a part of his or her service call.

  1. Check for and Repair Gas Leaks

Checking for gas leaks is utterly important. No type of gas leak is tolerable. Most gas leaks occur at a gas line joint where two fittings meet. Most often simply tightening a fitting repairs a gas leak. In more severe situations a part may need to be replaced.


Remember that whether or not you use your fireplace on the regular it still needs to be serviced. Servicing your fireplace every other year is a general rule to follow. If you follow these instructions, your fireplace will remain a clean, reliable, and properly operating appliance.

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  • My grandparents were scared to use their fireplace last winter because it has not been cleaned or serviced in such a long time. It is good to know that when you call to hire a technician, one should ask if they vacuum the fireplace as part of the service. I did not realize that this was important to remove any buildup, dust, or pesky bugs. We will have this done for my grandparents so they can enjoy a cozy home this winter.

    Jade Brunet on

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