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Reasons Why Your Fireplace Needs a Blower Fan

Posted by Chris Howe on

The Major Benefits of a Fireplace blower

The reason for having a blower fan in your fireplace may seem obvious. Without a blower fan, a fireplace’s only way of producing heat in your room is by radiating it. Some rooms are not large to constitute the need for a blower fan. However, it is always beneficial to have the option to run a blower fan in your fireplace. I really should repeat that last sentence. 

Blower fans circulate air in the chassis of the fireplace by drawing room air underneath the fireplace box. The air is typically circulated up the back of the fireplace and to the top. As the fireplace is producing heat, the air then heats up and gets thrown out the top vent or louvers into your room. The most important aspect of a blower fan is that it moves the warm air to the back of the room. Installing a fireplace blower helps to recover radiated heat by helping to distribute the heated air before its rises to the ceiling. This simple addition to your fireplace will increase its efficiency ten-fold. The best part about having a blower fan is that using it is completely optional. The fireplace operates completely independent of the blower fan and does not require it. However, on those cold nights, the choice to circulate warm air is a nice option have.

Blower fan installation is simple and typically takes about 15 minutes. All that is required is electricity wired to the bottom of the fireplace to the junction box outlet; this is typically pre-existing in the fireplace. Blower fan kits come with a variety of options. A basic kit included just the fan. A single fan requires a means to turn on the fan like a wall switch. Other fan kits include a thermostat and some a variable speed control. The thermostat controls the fan. After the fireplace reaches a certain temperature, it then turns on the fan. The variable speed control allows for incremental air adjustments.

Blower fans are purely optional, however, I recommend that every single fireplace have one. The benefit of a fan simply out ways any initial cost. Put a blower fan in your fireplace and enjoy and tremendous improvement that it creates.





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