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What is Fire Glass? A New Alternative to Traditional Fire Scapes

Posted by Chris Howe on

Fire Glass in Fire Pit


Ever notice the memorizing glittery glass pieces scattered at the bottom of a modern fireplace at a fancy bar? HGTV and decorating shows are going crazy over the look of fire glass. What exactly is fire glass? Fire glass is comprised of small fragments of colored tempered glass that can be used in fireplaces and fire pits. The fire glass deemed “fire and ice” combination quickly became a fast growing trend for a new spin on traditional fire-scapes. Since then, the trend has not died out but instead accelerated. Fire glass is now used in modern concrete counters, landscape, fountains, pools, and much more.

Fire glass can serve two major purposes; aesthetics and functional. Fire glass is a popular alternative to ceramic imitation logs providing a more contemporary to modern presentation. Fire glass pebbles and fragments are available in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes that will create a beautiful glowing focal point in your favorite fire-scape. Not only does fire glass serve an aesthetic function, it also increases radiated heat output by up to 4 times! Glass happens to be an excellent conductor of heat and therefore amplifies the temperature of the fireplace or fire pit. 

Fire glass undergoes a special treatment process that enables the tempered material to withstand direct contact with hot flames without melting. Tempered glass is the same type of safety glass that is commonly used for a variety of applications such as windows and computer screens. For all of the environmental fanatics, fire glass is made out of recycled glass repurposing old glass materials into a useful material. Tempered fire glass is also tumbled to round out sharp edges allowing it to be handled with bare hands. The tempering process will not cause the fire glass to melt, soot, or explode, and won’t emit any harmful byproducts into the air. The best part of fire glass is witnessing a dancing flame light up the colorful assortment of glass embellishment which is why it earned the title “fire and ice.”


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