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How to Light a Pilot in a Gas Fireplace

Posted by Chris Howe on

How to Light a Pilot Gas Fireplace

Knowing how to light your fireplace can save you lots of money. When I worked as a service technician, I went to more service calls than I can count only to light a pilot for the customer. Its possible that the thought of tinkering with a gas appliance scares the bageebees of out some. The truth is, gas fireplaces are tested and designed with extreme safety precautions. Lighting a pilot is simple. As long as the fireplace has been maintained, serviced, and inspected, then lighting a pilot should be a comfortable process. As a precautionary note, if you ever smell a consistent "raw" gas smell, turn off the emergency gas shutoff and call a qualified service technician.

"As long as the fireplace has been maintained, serviced, and inspected, then lighting a pilot should be a comfortable process"

Here are some basic steps that our friends at Napoleon Fireplaces created on how to light a pilot. This procedure should apply to almost any type of millivolt or standing pilot gas fireplace. 

1) To start find the control panel on your fireplace (usually located at the bottom behind the opening) and the pilot light instructions should be included in this area

2) Locate the gas shut off valve (blue switch) leading to the fireplace

3) Once you found the switch ensure this it is turned on, the switch should be parallel to the gas pipe or flex line

4) Make sure that the main burner switch, thermostat or remote control is in the off position

5) Check to make sure your pilot knob is in the off position, as indicated on the marker on the gas valve

6) Push the pilot light in, and turn it counter clockwise to the pilot position

7) Next push in the pilot knob and hold it in while repeatedly pressing the igniter button

8) Once the pilot lights up continue to hold in the pilot knob for one minute before slowly releasing it, at that point the pilot should continue to burn on it’s own

9) Now that the pilots burning turn the knob to the on position

10) Finally turn on the main burner on the fireplace by simply turning on your main burner switch, or remote control

No electricity required to light or to operate your fireplace millivolt system ensures reliable use even during power failures.

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