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What Is An Electric Fireplace?

Posted by Chris Howe on

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What is an Electric Fireplace?

Electric fireplaces are appealing because there is a simple set up involved. As we say here at Colorado Fireplace Supply: “Mount, Plug, and GO.” Recent electric fireplaces can be shoved against a wall, hung like a picture, or for a more permanent installation, recessed into the wall. Then simply plug the cord into an ordinary wall outlet. Equipped with remote controls, electric fireplaces transform any space instantly while still providing functionality, warmth, and ambience; and perhaps most importantly, without the cost!

Electric fireplaces offer all the enjoyment of real fireplaces without all the hassle. They don’t need a fuel source like wood, coal, or gas, and they don’t require any cleanup. The other great appeal of electric fireplaces is that you can relocate them to another part of a room easily.  

How Does It Work?

The first and foremost fundamental operation of a fireplace is the generation of heat. Although, most electric fireplaces allow the heat to be turned off, they are all capable of producing extremely efficient warmth. Simplistically, this is created by electric heating coils paired with a fan which forces the warmed air into the room.

Perhaps one of the most delightful features of electric fireplaces are that the flames are so realistic to almost fool the eye into thinking they are real. The fluid dynamic feel of real flames is created from a light bulb, often an LED, which bounces off of a rotisserie-style silver refractor creating the illusion of a random flicker of a flame.

Efficient, Inexpensive Heat.

If you seek the comfort of a fire in any room through an immediate and easy means, an electric fireplace is a great option. Equipped with a blower fan, the system provides an energy efficient zone heating solution. During the summer the heating element can be shut off, yet you can enjoy the flicker of a cozy fire without sweating the heat. Electric fireplaces are safe to the touch as the surface of these electrical units remain cool even while heating. This is a safer option for homes with small children and pets. With stylish or elegant, simple and lightweight construction available in an assortment of designs, it’s easy to find an electric fireplace perfect for any decor.

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