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Aube 7 Day Millivolt Programmable LCD Thermostat - Colorado Fireplace Supply

Aube 7 Day Millivolt Programmable LCD Thermostat


  • $ 7800

The Honeywell Aube programmable digital thermostat provides easy use for millivolt gas heating fireplaces, oil, electric, and hot water heating every day of the week. The LCD screen displays current room temperature, programmable thermostat temperature. The most unique feature of the Honeywell thermostat is that it will automatically switch between heating and cooling as needed. Thermostat may be programed up to four settings per day with a different setting for each day. The temperature settings remain in the unit in memory even during a power outage eliminating the need to re-program the thermostat.

Manufacturer: Honeywell

Contents: (1) Programmable vertical wall thermostat