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Hearth Country Fireplace Ash Vacuum with Pellet Accessory Kit

Hearth Country

  • $ 18600

The most dreaded job of owning any fireplace is cleanup. Now the job just got easier! This light-weight Hearth Country Ash Vacuum is designed specifically for cleaning fireplaces, stoves, and hearths. This model includes a 7 piece pellet stove accessory kit which is designed to make pellet stove maintenance a breeze. Avoid blowing ash into your house with the use of a normal vacuum. The powerful 800W motor with 85 CFM airflow is a dust free HEPA filtration with dacron pre-filter. This vacuum is a must have for anyone who regularly uses a fireplace or wood burning appliance in their home. This professional grade tool is also a great addition for the professional who may need a small vacuum for maintenance jobs. The best part is there are no expensive filters to replace. Included is a round brush and crevice tool with a 5 foot aluminum hose and pickup tube. The 4 gallon black powder coated metal canister is double insulated to protect from accidental hot ash or coal pick-up. Quiet 80 db sound level. 

Manufacturer: Hearth Country