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Hearth Country Firewood Moisture Meter

Hearth Country

  • $ 4300

The only way to properly burn firewood is to make sure it is seasoned. Seasoned firewood is important for optimum heat output while reducing creosote deposits. Ensure that you get the longest life from a catalytic combustor and stove by accurately measuring the moisture of your firewood with the Hearth Country Moisture Meter. This inexpensive meter will read the moisture content of your firewood efficiently and accurately. No more guessing, the Hearth Country Moisture Meter provides an easy means of to check how much moisture is in your firewood. 


• Large backlit LCD display
• Readout with bar-graph and numeric indicators
• Wide measuring range: 3.0% - 40.0%
• Microprocessor provides ± 1% accuracy
• Hold button freezes reading for reference
• Low battery alert function
• Auto power off after 15 minutes non-use
• Heavy duty construction for durability
• Protective sensor prong cover for safety
• Padded carrying case and battery included

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