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Kingston 30-Inch Oak Gas Log with Safety Valve

Sand Hill

  • $ 49200


Nothing creates a warm ambiance in your home quite like wood burning in the fireplace. Kingston Oak combines the look of an authentic wood burning fire and the convenience of gas logs with this realistic, hand-painted log set. The multi-step process used to create these logs ensures that every fine detail is captured. This 30-inch 9 log set features realistic oak logs that look like they are freshly chopped. You will experience a deeper ember bed as flames shoot out from beneath your front long, producing more glowing embers and more fire, which will make your gas logs appear just as visually stunning as an authentic wood burning fire. Also included is an assembled safety pilot kit for natural gas. Uses a Copreci 300 degree rear and bottom inlet valve making your gas log much easier and safer to use. The kit includes the safety pilot valve, pilot and thermocouple assembly, heat shield, mounting bracket, and extension knob. 


This log set includes the logs, a custom grate, a straight burner, sand, embers, a non-whistling connector kit and damper clamp. This gas log set is intended for use with natural gas only - not be installed with propane.